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UnaVerSoul KidS was founded by Terry Davis in 2001. The mission is to empower youth through information, cultural awareness and academic development relative to career opportunities. 

Terry's first major project was Camp Role Model which was started in 2007. Camp Role Model was design to inform and educate primarily inner city kids on breaking the cycle of poverty, drugs, gangs, low self-esteem and teen-age pregnancy. We believe that exposure can provide choices which can help children break the cycle of stereotypical outcomes.

People In Transition

UnaVerSoul KidS has started a campaign in 2015 in order to feed 3000 kids, veterans and less fortunate with the P.I.T.      

Contact UnaVerSoul KidS at:

615 933-8747

[email protected]

We Shell Frame Their Futures is a school approved arts in education college scholarship program, and was piloted at the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy (CGLA - the first charter school for girls in Tennessee) in 2014. The students are learning how to craft art work, and build life and character skills. In addition, their artwork is auctioned off to benefit their college fund.

DIG IN! smART is the spring/summer session of We Shell Frame Their Futures, and is a social human investment program that will evolve into a mega vision for uniting people from all walks of life to make a strong health impact on youth and community members by combining: the creation of art, mindful cooking/nutrition, and gardening activities.

The mission-based nutrition program also helps to eliminate hunger for youth and families with food insecurities. The multicultural community gardens is located in the Highland Park Commons and teaches life skills, supports the journeys of the participants, and showcases their acquired critical thinking skills. This program also delivers urban health equity and environmental sustainability.

Chattanooga Organized for Action is a community organizing non-profit that works to initiate, support, and connect popular grassroots organizations for the purposes of advancing the local social justice movement. 

We’re a multi-issue organization, and we seek to eliminate the oppressive conditions that cause suffering so many of our city’s poor and marginalized people.

At the heart of our organization is an idea: that the path towards a better city can be made by the people themselves. By organizing our communities to win change, we can write a new story for Chattanooga - one that lifts up the marginalized and makes sure none of us are left behind.

Learn more about Chattanooga Organized for Action at:

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