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Join us to deepen your spiritual life at Mercy Junction______________________________________________________________________

Sacred spaces and room at the table for you

Faith Lived and Shared ______________

Following Christ is the challenge of living out an active faith in our community while examining our inward lives together. Mercy Junction was founded on the radical notion that action should work in concert with reflection. Faith without works is dead, and rejecting the assembly is futile action. We do not wait to make the world the way we believe the divine dreams it to be, we actively work toward it. Our acts of faith are just as much liturgical acts as our gatherings for prayer, reflection, meditation, confession and song. Both are important for us to complete the act of worship with our whole being.

How do we express faith at Mercy Junction?

Public Witness

It is through acts of public spirituality, when we are advocating for the uninsured, housing rights, women's equality, LGBTQ equality, immigration, against white supremacy, for animal rights and care for all of creation, that we witness to the vital social righteousness afforded us through our faith.

Community Gathering

We also gather together at the center for acts of self reflection experienced through daily prayer, public worship, the People's Sermon, study together, and a blessing and Communion on Sunday evenings.

Plug In ________________________________

Sacred Space:

The Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center sanctuary is open for prayer, meditation, reflection and quiet Monday through Friday, 1-8:30 pm; Saturday, noon to 3:00 pm, Sunday 3:00 to 7:30 pm

Faith Practices:

-- Bible Study, Wednesdays, 7 pm

-- The People's Sermon: Come to the Table (interfaith), Saturdays, 5 pm

-- The Blessing with weekly Communion, Sundays, 5 pm

(*Dinner is served beginning at 6 pm on Wednesday evenings at a suggested donation of $5 for those who can afford to pay. If you can afford to give extra to cover the cost for someone who can't pay, that's great! The People's Sermon and The Blessing are a potluck meal.)

To learn more about community faith gatherings, if there is need for emergency spiritual council or scheduling for spiritual direction, contact Co-Director for Faith Development, the Rev. Brian Merritt by emailing [email protected] or call 703.801.7643.