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How we define social justice____________________________________________________________________________________________

Equality of all Humans, Justice for all of Creation

Plug In______________________________

To learn more about any of our social justice activities, or to tell us about a campaign, cause or issue in which you think we should be involved, or tell us about your activism or organization and how we can support you -- contact Co-Director for Social Justice Beth Foster by email at [email protected] or call 423.521.0642.

At Mercy Junction we define social justice as aiming toward a world of equality for all people and justice for all of creation. This definition has led us to work in LGBTQQA and women's rights. It has seen us stand with protesters in Ferguson and decry police misconduct in our own city. It has seen us protest circuses and oppose ag gag laws.

Social justice work on behalf of the oppressed is central to our calling as Christians. During the three years Mercy Junction has worked in Chattanooga, the community has found secular organizers and activists excited to see faith communities engaging in these struggles. In addition to our work with these organizations and activists, we also engage with other faith communities and ministries doing social justice work.

The Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center provides a structure for social justice activism to be discussed, developed and executed within a spiritual framework, while also bringing together in one location many different individuals and organizations -- both faith-based and secular -- to pursue similar goals of social justice, allowing for relationships to be formed, for intersectional work to be real, and for support and solidarity to be extended to a wider circle.